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thumbnailItem 10A-F-0359 : FREEZE DRYER HETO CT-110 / FD
$ 1,950.00
A minus 115 deg, C, Cold Trap with manifold for freeze drying
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$ 1,450.00
The Modulyo is a table top, space saving, cost effective, 1.5 liter ice condenser designed
specifically for the small volume user.
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thumbnailItem 10A-L-0429 : FREEZE DRYER VIRTIS FREEZEMOBILE šC FM 35 EL -85
$ 9,800.00
Compact, freestanding, mobile design.Includes microprocessor-based Sentry 2.0 controller.
Lowest Condenser Temperature ( ¡ãC): -82 / -85 (tested = -83 C.) Maximum Condenser Capacity (L): 35
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thumbnailItem 10A-L-0426 : FREEZE DRYER SYSTEM HETO CD4
$ 5,600.00
/// S O L D ///
The high quality freeze dryer CD4 is a compact modular built freeze dryer with manual control.
Minimum condenser wall temperature is -50°C. / Nominal ice capacity is 4 kg ice/24 hours
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thumbnailItem 10A-L-0428 : FREEZE DRYER VIRTIS LYO-CENTRE 7.0L DBT EL-85
$ 4,200.00
EL models, with condenser temperature of -85C degrees (-121F degrees ), are ideal for freeze drying with products that contain organic solvents, such as acetonitrile, acetic acid, and other solvent fractions.
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